Fridge buying guide and tips

Fridge Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best fridge

By Samsung 

Learn five smart tips to help you choose the best fridge suited for your lifestyle.

Refrigerators have been transformed into sleek and stylish appliances that can be proudly displayed in the heart of any home. In line with the focus on beautiful open plan kitchen spaces and busier lifestyles, a lot of thought has gone into the design and accessibility– inside and out – of the fridge. Let us help you navigate the different Samsung fridge and freezer options and make the right choice for your lifestyle. 

1. Fridge Space Matters

Fridge styles range from the French DoorSide by SideTop Mount Freezer and Bottom Mount Freezer. Families love the space and flexible storage of the French Door fridge. The Side by Side fridge is great for bulk buy and freeze. Fresh food is easily accessed from the fridge in the Bottom Mount Freezer, and if it's simply a basic refrigerator that you want, choose the Top Mount Freezer. If you're in doubt, get a bigger fridge. You can't have too much space, either for entertaining or stocking up on those grocery bargains. 

Family eating with mum opening the fridge

2. Keep the fruits and vegetables fresh

Avoid the embarrassment of offering your guests a fruit platter smelling of fish. A Samsung side by side refrigerator with Triple Fresh Cooling is designed to maintain different temperatures for three separate compartments, and keeps air from moving between compartments to help minimise mixing of odours. Some refrigerators allow you to set different temperatures for separate areas of your fridge that suit different types of food and drink; so before your guests arrive, your salad will be crisp, and the white wine chilled, as will your cheese and meat platters. 

Lady getting a plate of salmon out of a french door fridge

3. A special place for everything

When you're in a hurry, much like a well-organised wardrobe, a fridge with specialised compartments helps prevent a mess of jumbled items and makes it quick and easy to find things. There are temperature controlled wine racks for wine enthusiasts, and for BBQ aficionados, Samsung's innovative removable stainless steel chef's tray can take marinated meat or seafood from fridge to oven. Don't forget to look for adjustable door shelves so you can easily store that interestingly shaped tall bottle of lemonade you picked up from the farmer's market alongside a selection of sports drinks for the kids. 

temperature control to customise your fridge storage

4. Convert freezer to fridge

When your child's football team comes to your home for end of season celebrations, or there's an impending birthday party, you'll need more room in the fridge and less in the freezer. A smart choice for people who entertain is an innovative fridge such as one of the Samsung French Door fridge models that allows you to convert the freezer into a fridge to stock up for any celebration. 

Couple enjoying a drink after using the fridge with sparkling water dispenser

5. Convenient in-door water dispensers

A Samsung French Door Refrigerator, with its built-in chilled still and sparkling water dispenser, goes a long way to throwing a good party. If you entertain, this is a great choice – you can even control the level of fizziness. And the convenience (and fun) of water integrated into the fridge door helps keep your family easily hydrated throughout the day. 

Discover and choose from Samsung's range of large capacity, innovative and state of the artfridges and freezers.