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TEFAL 0.5L Multi Moulinette 5in1 Chopper & Grinder MQ722165
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TEFAL 0.5L Multi Moulinette 5in1 Chopper & Grinder MQ722165

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SKU: MQ722165
Weight: 1 kg, 200 grams
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Brand: Tefal
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TEFAL 0.5L Multi Moulinette 5in1 Chopper & Grinder MQ722165

Multi moulinette 5in1 MQ722

Ultra versatile, Multi Moulinette gathers all the functions you need for your everyday chopping, whatever the ingredient is!

 Thanks to dedicated blades, get the expected results in seconds: sharp blades give excellent quality results on herbs, vegetables and meat; while serrated blades, combined with powerful 500W motor, were conceived for high performances over time on hard ingredients such as coffee beans and ice. Multi moulinette is easy to use thanks to its simple pressure system. Dishwasher safe, it is also easy to clean due to its removable blades. Compact, this mini chopper is easy to store as all blades fit in the bowl, and it comes with a cord storage. Multi Moulinette is made in France and repairable for 10 years


5 functions in 1 mini chopper, to mix all kinds of ingredients.

Thanks to dedicated blades, Multi-Moulinette 5-in-1 is your perfect day-to-day ally to chop, mix, mince, grind and even crush your ingredients.

2 sharp blades designed for soft ingredients

Sharp blades provide high cutting results on soft ingredients, preserving fibers of herbs, onions, garlic or meat. Ensures long lasting cutting results.

2 serrated blades designed for hard ingredients

Serrated blades provide long lasting performance on hard ingredients such as coffee beans, nuts, an even ice.

High performance

500W powerful motor

Large capacity for your daily needs

500ml / 300g useful capacity for large quantities


Easy to clean

All attachments are removable and dishwasher safe


Easy to store

All attachments fit in the body of the product, and the product comes with a cord storage.

Made in France

Power 500  W
Speed settings 2  
Number of blades 4  
Type of blades 2 sharp blades + 2 serrated blades  
Bowl capacity 0,5  L
Bowl capacity 0,3  kg
Bowl material Plastic  
Cord Storage Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes


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